Red Pulse NEON Wallet Guide

We have a nice surprise announcement for anyone having issues with the NEO-GUI wallet. The City of Zion team has worked day and night the past couple of weeks to provide an update to the NEON wallet that will support our sale, and they’ve just released it on their GitHub. Please use the steps below for instructions on how to use the NEON wallet to participate in the Red Pulse sale.

DISCLAIMER: This is alpha software, and only supports the additional function of being able to contribute to the Red Pulse sale. Currently, you cannot use this to send your RPX yet. We also recommend you continue to use the NEO-GUI wallet if you’ve already set that up and have no issues.

How to participate in the Red Pulse RPX sale using the NEON wallet.

  1. Visit and download the Windows, Mac, or Linux version of the NEON wallet.
  2. Install the wallet and follow any on screen instructions. Once installed, open up the NEON wallet and click on “Participate in Token Sale”
  3. Enter the WIF private key for your approved NEO address, and click “Login”
    Note: If you’ve previously used the NEO-GUI wallet, and would like to find out the private key of an address that you have on there, right-click on the address in the NEO-GUI wallet and select “View Private Key”.
  4. In the next screen, enter the script hash that will be given 1 hour prior to the start of the crowdsale. Then enter the amount of NEO you would like to send, and press “Submit for Sales”
    IMPORTANT: You can only send 1 transaction in the first hour of the sale, and 1 transaction after the first hour. You will NOT receive RPX for any subsequent transactions other than these, and the additional transactions will be refunded. You can also only send a maximum of $1,000 USD worth of NEO in the first hour, and $50,000 USD after the first hour. Any amount over this cap will be refunded. Refunds will NOT be immediate, and we will process refunds manually within a week after the RPX sale.
  5. After your contribution goes through, wait about a minute, and then press “Refresh Token Balance”. You will see the amount of RPX in your address under “Token Balance”.