Red Pulse NEO-GUI Guide

For the Red Pulse RPX crowdsale, you will need to use a special version of the NEO-GUI wallet specifically developed for Red Pulse. Please note, the NEO-GUI wallet is only available for Windows. We will also be updating this with tutorial videos and additional information leading up to the crowdsale. Below, you will find information on:

A) How to download and install the RPX NEO-GUI wallet

  1. Visit, navigate to the desktop wallets, and click on “Download” under the version of the NEO – GUI wallet that says “Special Version for RED PULSE”.
  2. This takes you to our GitHub page, where you’ll need to download the “” file.
  3. Next you’ll need to extract the “” file.
  4. Once extracted, navigate to the “neo-gui-rpx” folder, and then double-click on “neo-gui.exe” to open the wallet. If you’re having issues with the wallet, try right-clicking the “neo-gui.exe” file and select “Run as administrator”.
  5. Congratulations, you have now successfully downloaded and installed the RPX NEO-GUI wallet. You’ll need to keep your wallet open so that it can sync the latest blocks, which you can keep track of on the bottom left of the wallet.

    Recommended: Syncing can take days, so we recommend downloading a sync file to speed up the process. Check out this guide from our Slack moderator @cryptocointrading for instructions on how to sync your wallet faster:

B) How to import your existing wallet (or generate a new address)

  1. Open neo-gui.exe, and then click on “Wallet”, then select “New Wallet Database”
  2. Browse to where you want to save the wallet database file, enter a name for the file, and then click save.
  3. Enter a password for you wallet database file, and then click “confirm”.

    Optional: At this point, if you don’t want to import your current address and would rather use the new address that was just generated, just fill out the form at to update your NEO address in our records.
  4. Right-click anywhere in the “Account” window, and then select “Import” > “Import from WIF”.
  5. In the next window, enter your WIF private key for your existing address. Then click “Okay”.
  6. Your old wallet address should appear in the list of addresses. You’ll now want to restart the NEO-GUI wallet.

    Recommended: At this point, you’ll have 2 addresses in the wallet. One that was created by the NEO-GUI wallet, and the one you imported. We recommend deleting the one created by the NEO-GUI wallet. To do this, first right-click on the address, and choose "View Private Key". Record the information down for your records. Then, right-click on the address again and delete it.
  7. After restarting, go to “Wallet” > “Open Wallet Database”. Select the .db3 file you had created, enter the password, and press “confirm”.
  8. If you see no balance, you’ll need to click on “Wallet” > “Rebuild Index”. Also make sure your block height is fully synced. It can take a while to rebuild the index, so just keep your wallet open and check back in an hour or two.

C) How to participate in the RPX sale

  1. Open up the Red Pulse NEO-GUI wallet. Make sure you are fully synchronized before continuing. You also want to make sure you have at least .001 GAS in your wallet as well.

    Note: You can claim GAS on the NEO held in your wallet by going to “Advanced” > “NeoGas Claim” from the NEO-GUI wallet.
  2. Next, click on “Smart Contract” > “Watch”.
  3. In the next window, you will enter the “Script Hash” that we will communicate to all KYC approved users (final "Script Hash" will be given 1 hour before the crowdsale), and then click “OK”.
  4. Click on “Smart Contract” > “Execute”.
  5. You will see a “ExecuteDialog” window pop up. Under “Script Hash”, select the “Script Hash” value from before. Under “Execution”, choose “mintTokens”. Now press “OK”.
  6. Next you’ll see a “MintTokensDialog” window. Under “Asset”, choose “NEO”, and under “Amount”, enter the amount you would like to send. Press “OK”.
  7. The next window is the “InvokeContract” window. First click on “Test”.
  8. The test will run and give you some response in the “Results” window. Also notice, there is a .001 GAS fee. The “Invoke” button should now be available to click on.
  9. The next window lets you see whether the transaction was successful or not. Click on “close”.
  10. Now, if your contribution goes through successfully, you’ll be able to see the amount of “Red Pulse Token” in your wallet by clicking on Asset. You may need to wait a few minutes for that to show up. If the contribution was not successful, then you will not see any Red Pulse Token. Instead, your NEO will be refunded after the conclusion of the crowdsale.

D) Options for Mac users

As stated previously, the NEO-GUI wallet is only available for Windows. For users running Macs, you’ll need to use a VM to setup the wallet. Below are two options for how to do that.

  1. Our Slack moderator @cryptocointrading has created a guide for how to get the NEO-GUI wallet running on Virtual Box. You can check out the guide here:
  2. You can also deploy a remote Windows desktop using Amazon Workspaces. A 30 day trial is available here:
  3. We will continue to update this section as we have more solutions.